Hello readers!

Thank you for following and all your comments which are so nice to read :-)

I’m having difficulty finding the time to maintain two blogs, so I’ve decided to move this blog and “merge” it with the WordPress-hosted blog that I use for my personal family photos and stories at ImagesPast.

Granny with her cousins

I will still be posting items relating to various aspects of Scottish family history, as well as exploring the stories and photos relating to my ancestry, and I hope you will nip along to ImagesPast and follow me.

I believe that there is an issue between Google Friend Connect and WordPress blogs, which means that you can no longer follow using Friend Connect and will need to use a different method of subscribing.

I hope you will come along to meet my tree-climbing Granny and other relatives and join in the family history fun!  Please feel free to leave comments on any posts that you find interesting or entertaining.  I hope to see you there :-)



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