Yesterday was very exciting – the 1911 Scottish Census data was released for public consumption, as was this beauty – it looked just like a real Enumeration Book but undoubtedly tasted better!  A special exhibition and press event was held in the Adam Dome at Register House in Edinburgh, with refreshments and cake for everyone.

The staff really got into the spirit of the occasion and some were dressed in period costume.  I apologise for the very poor quality photos, but I only got one shot with my phone as the TV crews were waiting, and I was itching to get to my desk and start researching.  Just think of them as “action shots”  :-)

By lunchtime, some of the costumes were causing problems – period clothing is made from very heavy materials, and would be great for keeping you warm in a chilly Victorian mansion, but in a climate-controlled environment, the wearer is likely to overheat fairly quickly.

Long skirts and bustles were not designed to be worn while sitting in modern office chairs and let’s just say there were a few near-misses due to hems being trapped under the wheels, but luckily no casualties :-)

It was a great day – every search place was occupied by enthusiastic researchers, everyone had fun, tea or coffee and cake or shortbread.  It will be another ten years  before we get to do it again!

Well done to everyone who made a day for Scottish genealogists to remember!  The Census is available online at the official pay-per-view website at ScotlandsPeople

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  3 Responses to “1911 Scottish Census cake, anyone? #genealogy”

  1. Jo,

    Love the cake and the costumes! It looks like a wonderful celebration on a wonderful day.

    Cheers to you and to Scotland!


  2. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  3. Looks like it was a fun event.

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