Fox basking in the sun in the Archivist's Garden at New Register House Edinburgh

As some of you might know, I carry out most of my clients’ research between New Register House and National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh.  The two buildings are connected by a garden area, right in the middle of the heart of the Capital, just off the main shopping area of Princes Street/George Street.  The garden is based on an “Archivist’s Garden” and was officially opened on 25 June 2010 by Jim McColl, the well-known BBC Beechgrove Garden presenter.  It is lovely to see the beautifully-maintained plants growing as planned and they have carefully designed the small garden area to have interest all year round.  The short walk between New Register House and National Archives sometimes calls for a stop on one of the benches just to sit in the sun for a moment, admiring the flowers or watching the birds.

I wasn’t expecting Reynard to turn up, though.  It seems that this streetwise City Fox has also discovered our little “0asis” and likes to come and bask in the sunshine in the shelter of the huge walls surrounding the gardens.  Today he came out in broad daylight, and ignored the various humans scurrying between the buildings, while he curled up in the sunshine in amongst the plants.  As both of these buildings are open to the public, I suspect he would be welcome in either, as long as he only uses a pencil, doesn’t eat anything (especially me) in the search rooms and has his mobile on “silent”.

I can advise him that there were no Reynard Fox’s born between 1855 and 2009, although there were 7657 Fox births registered in that period alone.  That’s a lot of foxes!

Apologies for the quality of the photo – I used my mobile to take the pic and had to zoom in on him as I didn’t want to trample the garden.

Jo :-)

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  6 Responses to “Mr Fox wants to find his Scottish ancestors? Mobile Monday”

  1. It’s amazing the attitude foxes are developing now – did you see the story about one in london that had to be evicted from a skyscraper??

  2. Now THAT isn’t something you see every day. Thanks for posting the picture (..and the associated humour)

  3. I thought I had been seeing dog tracks in the snow around our dooryard, but the snow is almost gone now. Then I walked across the street to the mailbox and almost ran back inside because a large fox was trotting down the lane! No photo, but I won’t soon forget my close encounter! My neighbor said it was a mother, who must have pupped lately, and has been out looking for food.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Heather, these City Foxes have “New York City Attitude” – it’s only a matter of time before they are relieving us of our sandwiches at lunchtime (like the squirrels and pigeons). I rarely see a country fox, even late on in the evening, but I live in a rural location and work in the city. This fox was quite exceptional! Jo

  5. Wow. You don’t see that every day.

  6. Oh I hope he is around when I am visiting.

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